About Me

Hi, My name is Rich, and I’m the creator and tutor of Science Above.

I created this site to help students achieve their potential in their studies in Science. Right now Science Above is dedicated to AS Chemistry, but it is my intention to expand the site over time to encompass other A-Levels, GCSE Science and BTECs.

I graduated in 2003 with a BSc (hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Bath. Following this I completed my PGCE teacher training in the University of Chester in 2004.
I have been a Science teacher and tutor for the last 12 years with experience in both Secondary Education and the College sector.
I specialise in Chemistry at A-Level and have vast experience teaching all 3 science disciplines at GCSE and BTEC.
I am currently employed in Further Education, specialising in Chemistry.

Science Above
I created Science Above to give students the opportunity to learn and revise Science subjects in a different way. I designed Science Above to be easy to use, concise and affordable so that every student can have access to the extra help that they may need while they’re studying. There are resources on here for every type of learner, whether it’s watching the tutorials, answering questions or consolidating notes, there’s something on here for everyone.