Initially we contacted Rich for Chemistry GCSE provision but Rich was invaluable as could support my son in Biology and Physics also. My son achieved superb grades in all his science results and we attribute much of this to Rich’s guidance. It was well worth the money. Rich would always ask what my son wanted to cover before the tutorial and was always fully prepared. Pain free too, as my son was always enthusiastic for the tutorials (which is a miracle in itself) and achieved an A in Chemistry GCSE!
H (Parent)

Rich made chemistry make sense! He explained things logically and also taught me how to answer the exam questions and having tutorials with Rich meant I wasted less time with my revision! It was good to go through previous exam papers together and then I knew what the examiners were looking for. I could learn stuff from memory but you need to apply what you’ve learnt in answering the question…Rich helped me do that. He made chemistry bearable! After a tutorial with Rich and he had explained something I hadn’t understood in school I thought “that is much easier than I thought before” Why didn’t my teacher just say that?!”
J (Student)

Science Above is a unique interactive tuition site for Chemistry G.C.S.E. and A level students. It provides Chemistry tuition, guidance and extensive resources in a comprehensive yet user friendly way. It appeals and engages whatever your style of learning. The clear navigation of the site makes it easy to find what you need and it’s aesthetically appealing to students of all ages. And it’s all in one place!
The resources on site are excellent; they are informative, concise and easy to use, ranging from Q&A’s to flashcards and visual aids. The interactive video tutorials on the site provide step by step and simplistic explanations to the students; these are the highlight of the resource! Their content includes a wide variety of modules linked to my exam board. The superb revision aids include online questions and answers, flashcards, past papers and a key terms glossary, which is a vital tool for students to ensure they have the vocabulary to extendand up level their responses to examination questions.
All in all, the site is invaluable tool to any Chemistry student. You use this and you can ensure that you are well prepared and exam ready!
B (Mature Student)

Everything on the site is so easy to use and accessible. There are loads of different ways to learn and revise with all the different tutorials and worksheets! Not only that, but Rich’s analogies make chemistry much easier to understand!
E (Student)

Rich was excellent at explaining things in a way that I could understand. He breaks the topics down so that they are not as challenging
E (Student)

Richard has enabled my daughter to grow in confidence. His professional, approachable, easy going manner has made learning fun. He is always polite, considerate and adjusts the lesson to fit with her needs. He has taken her through past papers and covered topics that she is currently working on and this has enabled her to grow in the subjects she has completed with him. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.
J (Parent)